July 7, 2010

What I Need From You!

Things I'll require to make the best coloring pages and full-color art I can for you...

1. Color photo/photos of you and your characters. After all, How can I draw you folks if I don't know what you look like? **PLEASE send full-sized JPEG files ONLY!

2. Info about you etc...
- The title of your show, if any...("Uncle Dusty's Wild West Show!" for example)
- The names of you/your characters/your clown name.
- Your website address, if any.
- The name of your troupe/club, if you want it on the page...("The Super Circus Clowns", "Pongo's Precious Puppets" for example)
- Your phone number, if you wish it to appear so folks can call to hire you.

*If you wish, I can print up most of this info and send it as a 2nd sheet so you can photocopy it on the back of your color pages. To keep the page uncluttered.

3. Is your clown/character known for a certain catch phrase, gag, prop, skill. etc? Please tell me what they might be. I might be able to incorporate them into the drawing to make it more interesting.

4. If you hail from a non-English speaking country, PLEASE let me know what the information means in English! This will help me better understand how to arrange it.

Write me a detailed e-mail outlining what you have in mind for your puppet character.
*See "Character Design 101" for details!

*If you order a coloring page or full-color art, I'll likely post it on this site as a sample pic. If I do this, I'll include a link to your website!

*This info will be updated as needed

My duck Wally in one of his many photo manipulation pix!

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