September 19, 2011

Holiday Samples!!

Yes! I'm now offering holiday coloring pages & full-color art!
Any holiday you celebrate can be made into your own custom art!!
Any costume can also be added!!

Big Bear by Axtell Expressions!

Dragon by Axtell Expressions!

Check back for more!!

March 15, 2011

Stock Art!

What is stock art? This is basically generic art. It's of puppet characters from various makers that you can use as your character's coloring pages! All that will need to be done is to add your puppet's name.

*Stock art is $20.00 each....if you want this turned into full-color art, it's the regular full-color price.


The Bulldog!

"Willie The Kid"

"Youcan Toucan"


"Wildthing" Version 2

"Vern The Bird"

"Big Sad Wolf"

Benny Bird!

(You can even sing the song while coloring him lol)

"Laughin' Louie"


"Hang-On Monster"

"P-P-P-Platypus" - Party Version

"Baby Dinostar"

"Ding Dong Dodo"

"Lenny Lemur"

"Dusty Dragon"

"Baby Elephant"

"Baby Elephant" - Version 2

"Gator The Great"

"Loosey Goosey" - Golden Egg version


The Basset Hound!

Awesome Possum

The Cheeky Monkey!

Platypus - Water fun version!

Fancy Flamingo!

The Hippo!

The Frog/Toad!



"Mussy Mouse"

More Coming! Check back often!

January 10, 2011

Full-Color Art!

You can now purchase pix of your characters in FULL-COLOR!
Below are samples of what these artworks look like.

* Full-Color art is $40.00 each. Add $5.00 for each additional character.
**CLICK on each pic to view them full-size!

~ Axtell Expressions ~


Big Bear!

Polar Bear!


Gator The Great!

The Cheeky Monkey!


Chuck The Duck!
* The tie was added by me for looks. Does not come with the puppet!

Benny Bird!

Willie The Kid!

Basset Hound!

The Hang-On Monster!

The P-P-P-Platypus! - brown version

Platypus - grey version

Vern The Bird!

The Skunk!

Dusty Dragon - Blue version!

Dusty Dragon - Red version!

Loosey Goosey!

The Snake!

The Rooster!

The Hippo!

Fancy Flamingo!

Lenny The Lemur!

The Frog!

The Baby Elephant!

Youcan Toucan!

~ Pavlov's Puppets ~

The Beaver!

Mussy Mouse!

~ Custom Art ~

For Frank Chaisson, my first full-color customer!

For Canadian ventriloquist Neale Bacon!

For Re-Pete the clown

For Joy Filled Puppets!
( Ever see a Yeti fishing before? lol )

Yordan of France!

and Yordan again!

"Rising" star Sylvia Fletcher and Smolder!

More to come! Check back often!