July 7, 2010

Terms Of Service/Disclaimers etc.

A few things you should know...

1. I reserve the right to refuse to draw anything I deem distasteful, offensive or inapropriate (weapons, sexual content etc).  I also refuse to draw/re-produce another artist's work. If another artist drew an artwork for you, you need to contact them to de-design it.

2. I will scan the images I draw into the computer to add the cool fonts and info. HOWEVER...I live in beautiful STORMY Oklahoma. This means if it's a stormy time of the year, my computer will be turned off at times so the poor thing doesn't fry. So, there may be slight delays in my sending your artworks at times. Please be patient.

3. I will rarely work during weekends/holidays.

4. There may be some puppet characters I won't/can't draw. This is due to the company not giving their consent for me to do so. I appologize in advance for this. But I greatly respect my fellow artists. You'll be notified as to which characters those may be.

5. All copyright info (from the puppet builders, myself, etc.) Must and will be present on each and every artwork. These copyrights cannot be left off under any circumstances.

6. Holiday art (Halloween, Christmas) must be ordered during the summer months. I will stop taking orders for this type of art September 1st. So, if you place an order in September I'll have to refuse your order

*This info will be updated as needed

Steampunk Doodles!

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