January 10, 2011

Full-Color Art!

You can now purchase pix of your characters in FULL-COLOR!
Below are samples of what these artworks look like.

* Full-Color art is $40.00 each. Add $5.00 for each additional character.
**CLICK on each pic to view them full-size!

~ Axtell Expressions ~


Big Bear!

Polar Bear!


Gator The Great!

The Cheeky Monkey!


Chuck The Duck!
* The tie was added by me for looks. Does not come with the puppet!

Benny Bird!

Willie The Kid!

Basset Hound!

The Hang-On Monster!

The P-P-P-Platypus! - brown version

Platypus - grey version

Vern The Bird!

The Skunk!

Dusty Dragon - Blue version!

Dusty Dragon - Red version!

Loosey Goosey!

The Snake!

The Rooster!

The Hippo!

Fancy Flamingo!

Lenny The Lemur!

The Frog!

The Baby Elephant!

Youcan Toucan!

~ Pavlov's Puppets ~

The Beaver!

Mussy Mouse!

~ Custom Art ~

For Frank Chaisson, my first full-color customer!

For Canadian ventriloquist Neale Bacon!

For Re-Pete the clown

For Joy Filled Puppets!
( Ever see a Yeti fishing before? lol )

Yordan of France!

and Yordan again!

"Rising" star Sylvia Fletcher and Smolder!

More to come! Check back often!

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