July 7, 2010

Coloring Pages 101

Here's a few points to remember when designing your color page....

1. Your page shouldn't be too busy. The more you cram into a page, the more detail you create. The more detail you have, the harder it is for kids to color. Coloring pages should have BIG/OPEN spaces to color.

2. Keep in mind that you may want the character's name, show title, your website address, and copyright info to appear on your coloring page. Keeping the artwork simple will help make room for this important info. *If you use puppet characters built by a specific company (Axtell Expressions for example), their copyright info MUST be in these color pages too.

3. It's always fun to make coloring pages that pertain to a certain show your doing, holiday, or other special event. It's also good to change your coloring pages every so often so kids don't wind up with "the same ol' coloring page". Shifting characters around, doing single character pages, and special event pages can keep things fresh.

4. Some of the kids in your audience may have a favorite character from your shows. Having individual character pages can be great. Kids can collect them all and make their own simple coloring book.

5. For clowns, I recommend "portrait" coloring pages. This is where I draw the clown from mid-chest up. This is because the clown's face is where all the detail and personality is. If I draw a "full-figure" page (from head to clown shoes), the face becomes smaller, and harder to color the make-up design.

6. If your puppet or clown character is know for a certain prop, talent, gag, catch phrase etc., let me know! I may be able to encorporate it into the page.

Once I've drawn your coloring page, I scan it, and add the snazzy fonts/info in my computer. As soon as I get payment conformation.....I e-mail the work on to you to photocopy into hand outs!

One of the many clown face designs I've created.

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